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ER2 limit lock

Equipped with “friction clutch” and “upper and lower limit switches” developed independently to ensure safety
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Because the KITO ER2 series is a highly reliable product.
So we can be confident that we are making the best in the industry.
World-renowned ER-type electric chain hoist
• For the first time in the world, the two-speed standard built-in inverter control system
• Two-speed variable frequency speed regulation reduces load swing for smoother lifting operation
• Equipped with “friction clutch” and “upper and lower limit switches” developed independently to ensure safety
• The button controller features a unique ergonomic design that greatly enhances the durability of the hoisting chain for easier maintenance
• The electric hoist is designed with maintenance in mind and improves the efficiency of the examiner.
• Unique super nickel-plated load chain for enhanced fatigue and wear resistance
• Unique motor with cooling fan, optimized heat sink and fan cover
• The standard length of the power supply cable is 5.0m.
• If the length of the head (load chain), button control line, and power supply cable is outside the standard specifications, please consult with the company.
• The load chain is heat treated and cannot be spliced. Please note.
• The canvas chain bag is a standard chain bag, and the steel chain bag is an optional item.
• The button controller comes standard with an emergency stop button.
• Pressing the emergency stop button makes it easy to cut off the motor circuit.
• When lifting two sets at the same time, please select the hoist according to the rated load of the one-sided hoist.
• When lifting 3 units at the same time, please consult with the company in advance.
Heavy-duty strength pie 125kg-20t (3-phase) KITO ER2 series
The world's highest level of M6
●The mechanical part (gear bearing, etc.) has a service life twice that of the M5 level.
The world's highest level of time is rated at 60% ED
●Use a motor with a fan for cooling alone
●The gear box is oil groove lubrication
●Air-cooled motor has a unique heat sink and fan cover
●Adapt to high frequency users and long lift requirements
Cast aluminum one-shot body
●Superior rigid body can correspond to severe use environment and use conditions
●Simple structure and few parts
●Dust-proof and jet-proof body (IP55)
Easy maintenance
●The fixed axis of the upper hook is changed to the outside of the fuselage for easy assembly and unloading
●Electrical components are centrally located on the control panel for easy inspection and maintenance
●The control panel end cover is connected to the body with a connecting strap, which is convenient to use.
Super strong nickel-plated load chain
●Using independently developed technology, it greatly enhances fatigue and wear resistance
●The load chain is made of high-strength, high-precision, durable and high-quality special alloy steel
CH counter
●The LCD screen can display the number of starts and running time, and maintain it according to the frequency of use of the device.
●Master the inspection and replacement time of parts and components, and provide maintenance solutions for customers to use with peace of mind.
Friction clutch and upper and lower limit switches
● Friction clutch can prevent damage to the body and load chain caused by overload and ground lifting
●Upper and lower limit switches can prevent damage to the body and the load chain during over-winding
●The upper and lower limit switches are simple in structure and reduce the minimum hook spacing.
● Friction clutch and upper and lower limit switches constitute a double safety mechanism
Emergency stop button with pressure loss protection
●Press the emergency stop button to cut off the motor circuit immediately
●The button controller is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable operation.
● Operating voltage is 24V, which is safer
Environmentally friendly design
Do not use 15 environmentally hazardous substances specified by KITO
Includes 6 hazardous substances specified in the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Reduce rated current, save energy and save electricity
Reduces noise during operation and braking with 4-pole motors and attracting rotor brakes
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