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When the contract is signed, we will set up the project and arrange the installation or technical personnel to the customer's place for re-measurement. As soon as the advance payment arrives, we will start to send the contract confirmation or technical agreement to the project group, and start the design, production, installation and acceptance operation.


In the process of project implementation, our project engineers will strictly control and supervise the whole project in accordance with the time nodes specified in the project implementation schedule, so as to ensure that the project is completed on schedule or the products are delivered to the customers on schedule and pass the acceptance.


During the implementation of the project, our sales engineer will determine the frequency and content of communication with you according to the project cycle and time nodes, so as to ensure that you can grasp the progress of the whole project in real time.


In the design and manufacturing process, our sales engineer will inform you of the progress of project if necessary. During the installation process, our sales engineer will contact you in time to confirm the relevant procedures and specific requirements of the installation site, so as to ensure the safety and efficiency of the installation process. During the acceptance process, our sales engineer will contact you in time to confirm the relevant data and materials to be prepared, so as to ensure the successful acceptance.


Create the future and promote development by win-win cooperation. Good service in sale will greatly improve your service experience.

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