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Because service is the foundation of our business, and also the source of our income. Only by serving our customers well, can we continuously expand the scope and field of our service customers, and make our "journey of prosperity" move forward steadily on the ground. Therefore, the company has always attached great importance to service work. "ALL OF SERVICES FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION" is not only our service slogan, but also our service tenet and action guideline. Our old and new customers is invited to check and supervise our services at any time.


Our first and basic requirement for service is to meet the needs of our customers. The outsourcing of crane maintenance service has become an irreversible trend. It is the basis of our business to continue to provide high-quality maintenance services, meet the customers' constantly improving maintenance service requirements, continue to deepen the service market and expand our service influence.


Second, actively create. We set a higher standard for our services that our customers can think of and find us as soon as possible when they have any needs and requirements.


So, the question is, if we have not served this customer at all, how can the customer think of us? Although we have served our customer, the customer's evaluation of our service is not good, or even gives a negative evaluation of our service, how can the customer think of us?


This requires us to "take the initiative". How can we take the initiative? There are two points. First, actively create customers. After the service is completed, take the initiative to establish a good customer relationship with the customer, remind the customer not to forget to tell the others when he likes us, and introduce some customers to us. The second is to actively create customer reputation. How to actively create customer reputation? That is, to exceed customer expectations, what is to exceed customer expectations? First of all, to be Rigorous, how to be Rigorous? Communication is sufficient in the early stage, the progress is reported in the middle stage, and the finishing work is done well in the close stage. Early communication is very important. There is an old saying that “If you don't follow the instructions of your superiors, it's useless to be tire”. What does it mean? All of our service work should be done according to the requirements of our customers. What are the needs or requirements of customers? This requires us to communicate with customers fully before service. Are our customers' needs or requirements explained clearly? If not, can we inquire further and make records? Do we think of and remind our customers something unexpected? Who do we need to connect within the handling process of relevant procedures? What documents do we need to provide? Do our customers provide corresponding charts? No If so, can we prepare by ourselves? Wes should try our best to make the requirements and details clear so as to make less trouble for the customers. How long is the service time, how to set the necessary communication time nodes, what work needs to be coordinated by both parties, etc., all of which need to be considered in the process of work. At the end of the work, how is the site cleaning work done, how is the pass rate of the first acceptance, how is the pass rate of the first repair, and whether there is any specific explanation for the subsequent maintenance work. If these points are done, customers will be relieved. After the equipment is put into use, it will run smoothly and make customers feel reassured. A few days later, or at key time nodes, make a phone call back to the customer to show concern about the operation of the customer's equipment. This is our service work standard of "3R SERVIECE STANDARD". If we can serve our customers in strict accordance with our service work standard of "3R SERVICE STANDARD", our service will exceed the expectations of our customers and win the trust of our customers. We can actively ask our customers to give us a little praise while not forgetting to forward it to us, so as to create the reputation of our customers, and the customers will follow. In this way, customers will think of us and find us as soon as they have needs. In this way, we can take the initiative to ask our customers to give us some praise and at the same time not to forget to tell the others some stories about us, so as to create the reputation of customers, and other customers will follow. In this way, customers will think of us and find us as soon as they have needs and requirements.


Third, ALL OF SERVICES FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. ALL OF SERVICES FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our highest requirement for our service. What does it means? Whether the 4-hour / 2-hour service response time can be guaranteed; whether the one-time repair is qualified to avoid the loss of time and efficiency caused by repeated repair to customers, whether the "3R SERVICE STANDARD " can be achieved; whether the work of creation customer and creation customer word-of-mouth has become a normal work content, if yes, we do our best.


"3R SERVICE STANDARD” is our service standard. "Meet the needs, create customer and customer reputation" is the objective requirement of the company's development;” ALL OF SERVICES FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION “is the basic requirement of the company for each service personnel, and also the basis of not forgetting the customer's trust, achieving the mission and fulfilling the commitment.


Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.XINGTAISERVICES ALL OF SERVICES FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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