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Core competitiveness:



The whole machine is European structure, up-market configuration, modular design, compact structure, low clearance, small size, light weight, small wheel pressure, so lower plant height is needed ,construction cost is saved and effective working area is increased. We will provide you with a system solution for the entire life cycle of cranes based on European crane.



We understand the essence of “product as a service” and start the service from pre-sales to the whole project operation process, aiming at consistently providing quality and efficient services to customers:

1. Rigorous technical support

We respond to customers' needs efficiently and customize the lift and conveyer machinery to meet the working environment of customers.

2. Relieved manufacturing and installation

The rigorous and meticulous quality assurance system and experienced staff make the manufacturing and installation process of our products efficient and safe.

3. Reassured operation

High standard and agile after-sales service is our consistent principle of conduct and service commitment. 24-hour service emergency response mechanism to fully guarantee the normal operation of the customer's lift equipment.

Practicing the service concept of “rigorous, relieved and reassured”, we have achieved effective connection , long-term cooperation and common development with our customers. In the process of collaborative development with customers, we will further enrich its connotation, continuously improve the service quality, and gradually establish the service brand of XINGTAICRANE.



We know the truth that "When the employees win, the employer wins,and the speed of team learning equals the speed of enterprise growth". We will continue to strengthen training and encourage the team members to learn, aiming to build a team with the following characteristics: "to fight, to win".

1. High cohesion - linear command system

2. High coordination - horizontal coordination system

3. High execution - Individual Combat System

such a team is the guarantee for us to realize our corporate mission of "providing customers with high-quality and up-market products and services" and realize our strategic vision of "becoming an outstanding supplier of lift and conveyer machinery solutions in the industry"


We are not only selling cranes, we also build lift and conveyer machinery system solutions and industrial property management services solutions for our customers. Industrial property management services include civil engineering, tower cranes, process steel structure and other related products and services.


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