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Business Scope:


Production, installation, maintenance and sale of overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, station cane and construction elevator(except for production); installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment;plumbing reform,;small steel structure production. Mechanical equipment processing, steel structure engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, building structure reinforcement engineering construction, construction labor subcontracting (excluding labor dispatch), municipal public engineering, road and bridge engineering, subgrade and foundation engineering, fire facilities engineering, curtain wall engineering, building intelligent engineering(Projects approved in accordance with the law can only be operated after being approved by relevant departments).




  • 2000-2003: Specializing in crane installation, repair and maintenance services, the partners include many top enterprises in the industry,such as Kony, Demag, Tianqi and etc.
  • 2004: Changchun Xingtai Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, and passed the certification of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, obtaining the Class B qualification for crane installation.
  • 2006: Passed the certification of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, and obtained the C-class qualification for crane manufacturing.
  • 2007: Established a strategic partnership with KITO  , becoming the only designated brand distribution service provider in Jilin Province.
  • 2008: Passed the certification of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, upgraded the installation qualification to Grade A, and upgraded the manufacturing and transformation qualification to Grade B.
  • 2008: Passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, according to TSG Z0004-2007 " basic requirements for the manufacture, installation, transformation and maintenance of QAS for special equipment", determined the quality assurance model and established a quality assurance system.
  • 2008: Established a strategic partnership with SWF.
  • 2013: Prepare to build a new factory in Changde New Area (core area of Changchun New Area) .
  • 2015: Determined the development direction of “industrial property management services”.
  • 2016: Trial production and operation of the new factory in the Changde New Area.
  • 2017: Passed the certification of the General Administration of quality supervision of the people's Republic of China, and its manufacturing and transformation qualification has been upgraded to Class A.
  • 2018: Passed the certification of high-tech enterprises and became a national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2018: Completed the expansion of business scope and acquisition of civil engineering qualifications


Lift and conveyer machinery business profile:


We have established a business value chain of lift and conveyer machinery, including marketing, R&D , manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and we have a full-stack manufacturing service capability to provide large-scale integrated lifting and conveyer machinery system solutions. It has established a large market influence in the fields of R&D, production, transformation, installation and maintenance of lifting and conveyer machinery such as European-style overhead and gantry crane, jib crane, EMS monorail conveyer system for automobile production line and light station crane.


Our company is a supplier of procurement platform for FAW Group. We work with the world's top suppliers such as SWF, KITO and KONI to provide complete system solutions for lift and conveyer  machinery for automotive OEMs and auto parts manufacturers.


Our company has a number of major innovations in the design and manufacture of lift and conveyer machinery products, applied for a number of invention patents, and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.




The acquisition of some key patents is as follows:

  • Combined double girders structure for double girders crane (patent number: 2017 1 0662678.X)
  • Combined single girder structure for single girder crane (Patent No.: 2017 1 0662070.7)
  • EMS monorail conveyer system (Patent No. 2012 2 0688388.5)


The modularized and combined girder structure provides the possibility for overseas market expansion due to its convenience of long-distance transportation (freight and shipping) and installation.


The EMS monorail conveyer system,which can be widely used in various production lines, and has been widely used in automobile manufacturers and parts enterprises.


Tower crane business profile:


Our tower cranes are overall produced by professional tooling equipment independently developed. The products include 7527, 6012, 6010, etc.We provide the customers in the northern region with the post service of tower crane leasing, maintenance, etc, at the same time, the tower crane components such as standard section, attachment and anchor are supplied.


Steel structure business profile:


Our steel structure business focuses on the production and installation of process steel structures in production lines in automotive OEMs and auto parts manufacturing companies. After years of operation and development, we have accumulated rich experience in the field of process steel structure production and installation.


Introduction to the concept of industrial property management services:


In 2015, based on the operational experience of lift and conveyer machinery, tower cranes, process steel structure and civil engineering business, we refined the business idea of “industrial property management services”, that means customer first and manufacturing-and-services oriented. Guided by the relevant diversification of key core technology areas, the company is fully responsive to the growing demand for industrial property management services. The business concept of “industrial property management service” has been positively affirmed and strongly supported by the new and old customers and superior authorities in the course of practice.


Changde New Factory Profile:


The Changde factory was built in June 2013 and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. It is the production base for the company's lift and conveyer machinery, tower cranes and process steel structures. Changde New Factory will be built into a modernized lift and conveyer machinery and steel structure manufacturing base with standardized operation, scientific management and advanced technology.


After the Changde new factory is put into production, the old factory which is located in the lvyuan district, adjacent to FAW Group, and effectively covers FAW Group and its subsidiaries and other enterprises nearby will serve as a crane maintenance service center.


We always adhere to the development philosophy of “INNOVATION, AHEAD, FURTHER”, provide our customers with efficient and safe lift and conveyer machinery system solutions and industrial property management services solution, and fully participate in the customer development process and grow with customers.


Changchun Xingtai Cranes Co., Ltd. 

January 2019

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Changchun Xingtai Cranes Co., Ltd.

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