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We also distribute and wholesale all kinds of tower cranes, construction elevator attachments, ground feet, standard section bolts and other accessories, and also operate tower crane leasing business.
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After years of efforts, our ordinary standard section production has not only made a market in Changchun City and even Jilin Province, made a reputation, made a scale, made a momentum, deeply welcomed by customers, and constantly won praise. Moreover, our chip standard section independently researched and developed and put into production in batches has successfully entered Shanghai City and etc. We have become the first enterprise in Jilin Province and even in the Northeast (including Inner Mongolia) to achieve a breakthrough in the innovation of standard section product.




Four advantages of chip standard section:


First, the use of chip standard section greatly enhances the safety and reliability of tower crane.


Second, the chip standard section reduces the maintenance cost of the tower crane. The integral standard section fastens the bolts ten times a year, and the labor cost is 56000 yuan. The chip standard sections can be connected by pin shaft or hinge bolt without high-strength bolt.


Third, the transportation cost is saved. In general, only one 17.5m truck is needed to transport the 90 meter high chip standard section, while three 17.5m trucks are used for the Integral standard section to transport, which can save tens of thousands of yuan for customers at one time.


Fourth, the chip standard section greatly saves the storage cost of customers. The site where customers store 10 Integral standard sections can store 20 chip standard sections, which can save half of the storage cost for customers.




We also sell and wholesale all kinds of attachments, anchors, standard bolts and other accessories of tower crane and construction elevator, and operate tower crane leasing business.


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