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Introduction to LDT type single girder overhead crane with electric hoist

Because the running speed is controlled by stepless speed regulation, the crane runs smoothly and the shaking is small.
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The single girder overhead crane with electric hoist is produced by Xingtai Crane has high rigidity, light weight and effective reduction of load on the rail. It is the best choice for cost-effective, superior geometric design and unique travelling  characteristics.
Advantages and characteristics:
◆Using computer-optimized box girder as the main girder
◆The crane endtruck adopts a torsion box structure
◆The connection between the main girder and the endtruck conform to the mechanical manufacturing tolerances, so as to minimize wear.
◆Because the trolley has a small height with the european style chain hoist or wire rope hoist that makes the hook size more reasonable that it has a wider working range.
◆The trolley is powered by a highly flexible flat cable with grounding protection function.
◆The remote controller can be connected to the trolley, and it can move freely on the main girder separately and display the running status of the trolley.
◆Through the pretreatment of rigid parts (qualified), the optimized anti-shock  module can protect all parts.
◆The crane topcoat is golden yellow or orange red matt paint (color can be customized)
The advantages with imported wire rope electric hoist are as follows:
◆The classification group of 2m+ (1900 working hours at full load) makes the crane service longer and work more efficiently.
◆ The increase of lifting speed and trolley travelling speed improve handling efficiency
◆The travelling speed controlled by stepless speed regulation make the crane travel smoothly with smaller sway.
◆ Comprehensive monitoring of crane operation.
◆Smaller hook limit size, higher space utilization.
The shape of main girder matching with the shape of workshop traffic space



lift capacity: 10 tons




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