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Process steel structure

The process steel structure business field is a new business field under the concept of “industrial property management service” after we have accumulated rich experience in the field of lifting and transportation machinery.
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Process Steel Structure introduction:
The business scope of process steel structure is a new business scope under the concept of "industrial property management service" after the business scope of lift and conveyer machinery where we have accumulated rich experience.
Our starting point is high


In 2016, we formally established the business concept and development direction of "industrial property management service", extending our rich experience in the field of lift and conveyer machinery to a broader business field. Vertically, we will expand our business scope to plant construction including the design, production and installation of process steel structure and civil engineering to the maintenance of auxiliary facilities of the plant. Horizontally, we will expand our rich experience in the field of crane maintenance service to the field of repair and maintenance of factory production equipment.


We have a strong foundation:


We have accumulated rich experience in the field of design and manufacturing of lift and conveyer machinery, especially we have done a lot of work to ensure the scientificity of customer's plant design and the rationality of investment return before the project is started, and we have made effective contributions to ensure the cost minimization in the whole life cycle of customer's project, and won wide praise from customers.


Our prospects are broad:


The process steel structure manufacturing and installation under the concept of "industrial property service management" will realize the deep integration with industrial economy in a broader sense and have a broad development prospect. This broad development prospect gives us a strong ability of resource integration and a space for in-depth cooperation with the design institute. To open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of steel structure and expand the relevant post service market will become our direction of efforts and provide us with more powerful development momentum.

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