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EQ electric chain hoist

Standard configuration with no load and high speed operation to improve work efficiency.
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Two-speed inverter
Electronic overload protection
Friction clutch
No-load high-speed operation
Use technology to add color to the global industry.
Top chain electric hoist - KITO EQ came out.
EQ series products can maximize their core
- The characteristics of the two-speed inverter, from control to mechanical design, are all based on kito's superior technology.
The motor and the body are molded once, and the body is lightest and smallest while ensuring powerful functions.
The electronic overload protection and friction clutch are adopted in the standard configuration to achieve double safety and low carbon environmental protection.
The uniquely designed push-button switch is easy to operate, light and easy to use.
Standard configuration with no load and high speed operation to improve work efficiency.
Cast aluminum one-shot body
●Superior rigid body can correspond to severe use environment and use conditions
●Simple structure and few parts
●Dust-proof and jet-proof body (IP55)
Unique inverter-specific design
●Inverter is used for centralized control to minimize the use of electrical components and minimize component replacement.
● Adopt frequency converter to ensure smooth start and stop, and realize miniaturization of mechanical parts
● Transformerless structure using inverter DC power supply
Standard configuration Friction clutch Electronic overload protection
● Friction clutch can prevent damage to the body and load chain when overloading and grounding
●The electronic overload protection stops the action immediately after the inverter detects the overload.
Upper and lower limit switch
●Upper and lower limit switches can prevent damage to the body and the load chain during over-winding
●The upper and lower limit switches are simple in structure and reduce the minimum hook spacing.
Long-life design that pursues detail
●Use a motor with a separate cooling fan
●The gear box is lubricated by oil groove
●The cooling fan has a unique heat sink and fan cover
●The world's highest level of short time rated 40/20% ED
Simple and smooth design, working grade up to M6
● Adapt to harsh environments and operating conditions
Super strong nickel-plated alloy steel load chain
● Made of patented technology, it has strong fatigue resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
●The load chain is made of high-strength, high-precision, durable and high-quality special alloy steel.
CH counter
●The LCD screen can display the number of starts and running time, and maintain it according to the frequency of use of the device.
●Visual inspection can judge maintenance time
Emergency stop button with pressure loss protection
●Press the emergency stop button to cut off the motor circuit immediately
●The button controller is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable operation.
● Operating voltage is DC24V, which is safer
●Emergency stop and voltage loss protection functions are concentrated on one control button, and the button box is compact
Environmentally friendly design
●Do not use 15 environmentally hazardous substances specified by kito
Includes 6 hazardous substances specified in the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
●Reduced rated current, energy saving
●Use 4-pole motor and attracting rotor brake to reduce noise during operation and braking
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