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ERYS/ERYD metallurgical electric chain hoist

Even when used at an ambient temperature of 200 ° C, tensile strength reduction does not occur.
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Ideal for lifting and handling of molten metal!
Kino brand metallurgy special chain electric hoist
Occupy the highest market share in the Japanese metallurgical industry
Based on KITO Group's advanced manufacturing technology
Products designed and manufactured with the goal of safety, durability and energy saving
It is a product that supports the development of China's industry and is trustworthy.
Load chain
Even when used at an ambient temperature of 200 ° C, tensile strength reduction does not occur.
push-button box
Emergency stop button with standard voltage loss protection.
Long-distance operation can be achieved by installing a wireless remote control unit.
Limit switch
In addition to the upper and lower limit switches of the heavy hammer type, it is also equipped with the double limit function of the upper and lower limits.
Friction clutch
When the load exceeds the rated load, the built-in friction clutch will act to prevent damage to the electric chain hoist.
In the event of a fault in the limit switch (heavy hammer type, upper and lower limits), the built-in friction clutch acts to prevent damage to the electric chain hoist.
Brake device
Uniquely designed to attract rotor brakes
electric motor
The motor has an insulation class of F. It is made of cast aluminum and has an external cooling fan for high frequency.
Service life
It reaches the M6 ​​working level and has a long service life.
Space saving, easy to change structure
The minimum hook spacing is small, the overall volume is small, and it can be set in a small space.
The lifting height is easy to change, and if it is set to a new use position, the structure is changed easily (lift height/track width, etc.).
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