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NOVA N type wire rope hoist

Precise control of the frequency converter minimizes lateral movement and shaking of the load
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NOVA N type wire rope hoist, standard clearance, lifting capacity up to 40T
• Optimal use of space
Compact mounting dimensions, optimized extreme position, minimum drop size
• Precise and safe use
Precise control of the frequency converter minimizes lateral movement and shaking of the load
• Low maintenance costs
Long-designed brake discs, large-diameter reels protect the life of the ropes, semi-fluid greases extend the life of the hoist reducer, and the inverter-controlled operation reduces wear
Advantages: Maximum cost efficiency and optimized use of space
• Maximum load to 40T
• Single hoisting mechanism or complete crane parts package
• Minimal hook head lateral displacement
• Compact mounting size
• Optimized extreme position
• Smooth size car operation
• Ambient temperature: -10°C to +40°C
Design and production capacity:
• Two-speed lifting motor, speed ratio 6/1
• NovaMaster Electronic Monitoring Unit (NOVA NE/NF)
• 4-level up and down cam limit switch with deceleration-stop and phase-fault protection
• Mechanical overload protection
• Lift and run motor overheat protection
• Small stepless inverter or variable frequency dual speed
• Standard power supply: 3-phase 380/400/415V 50Hz or 440/460/480V 60Hz
• 48V control voltage
• Lifting motor has a continuous battery current rate of 60% and protection class IP55
• Internal wiring in accordance with IEC standards
• Robust rope guide for cast iron
• Epoxy topcoat, film thickness 60 μm
• Flashlight controller with plug connector and emergency stop button, protection class IP65
• Radio remote control
• NovaMaster Electronic Monitoring Unit (NOVA NB/NC/ND)
• Load cumulative protection, up to 4 lifting mechanisms
• Lifting frequency control with ESR function
• Two-speed car limit switch
• Additional cooling fan for lifting motor
• Large car electric box and motor moisture-proof heating device
• Special power supplies such as 208 - 690 V 50/60 Hz
• Protection class IP66
• Ambient temperature: -20°C - +55°C
• Explosion-proof products
• Stainless steel electric box
• Rain cover
• Monorail crane for turning
• Roller brake
• 90 degree locking hook / crochet hook
• Cable reel
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