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LH type double girder overhead crane with electric hoist

Anti-collision limiter and crane speed limiter can ensure that multiple cranes can run safely on one track.
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The pursuit of excellent quality and technology are embodied in each detail of the European double girder overhead crane.
The double girder bridge crane has excellent self-weight/load-to-weight ratio and reasonable geometric design, which can ensure the crane has good running condition and reduce wear. Since the hook can be raised between the two main girders, the lifting height can be greatly improved. The control system can be operated by manual controller, remote controller or cab according to customer’s demand. An additional maintenance platform or manned crab can be chosen if the customers need that facilitates the maintenance of the crane and enables repairmen to rapidly and safety arrive at other facilities of the workshop, such as the lighting device, central heating equipment and power pipelines.
Features and benefits
◆Higher efficient operation derives from the excellent reliability design.
◆Lighter deadweight reduces investment cost.
◆Maintenance platform and cabin control mode is available and optional.
5-100 t Common form of connection between main girder and endtruck



Power supply cable
◆The cable with 4-7 cores and adopting bolt connection can guarantee long-term stable power supply and reduce sudden power failures to the largest extent.
◆ Pre-assembled parts make the installation and replacement of the parts easier, such as the replacement of the electric relay or installation of the straight rail.
◆The IP23 or IP24 protection class, cut sealed and integrated expansion compensation ensures safety.
◆The new type of sheave with the standard hook makes operation easier.
◆The guiding wire device can prevent the sheave from being stuck by the wire rope and the groove of the sheave.
Control System
◆The ergonomic control system is safe and make operators feel tired hand-held operating for a long time,in addition, it can displays real-time overall operating status information of the crane. the 3 safety class of CAN bus conforms to DIN/EN954 standard.



◆The box endtruck is accurately connected with the main girder, which improve stiffeners of the overall structure of the crane to make the crane more smoothly run and reduce wearing.
◆ The interchangeability of the parts enable accurate arranging and adjusting the size of wheels according to the span of the crane, which ensure the best operation performance and suitability of the endtruck.
◆The travelling mechanism of the crane designed by static design program. results in simple installation, safe and efficient operation.
Travelling mechanism
◆Compact 3-in-1 motor is equipped with the travelling mechanism, which makes Three-dimensional integrated layout take the place of The traditional plane decompose layout. An anti-wearing-aligning bearing is employed to enable it to withstand horizontal force. The wheels are made from cast alloy resulting in improvement of operation performance and reduction of wearing upon the rails.
◆The traversing speed controlled by the inverter is up to max.80m/min with no additional cables, which result in Smaller shaking amplitude, accurate location and reduction of the load during operation.
Hoist trolley
◆The traditional 4-beam plane structure of the frame of the hoist trolley ischanged into flexible 3-beam 3D structure that has been standardized and serialized; the inverse bending of the wire rope is avoided because the sheave adopts even double symmetrical structure .
◆More compact structure, smaller size of the hook limited position and bigger stroke of the hook enable sufficient utilization of workshop space, which results in improving coefficient of utilization f workshop area and reduction of cost.
Accessories and additional equipment applied to the imported hoist trolley
The scope of the supply for accessories and additional equipment is so broad as to satisfy wide variety of special requirements of customers.

◆The crane is controlled by the manual switch or pressure acting on the button of the wireless remote controller.

◆The swing of the hook is prevented by using professional software to start control system or the motor with inverter.

◆The crab with a maintenance platform makes not only the maintenance of the crane easier and also repairmen rapidly delivered to other equipment in the workshop.

◆The horizontal guiding wheel can efficiently reduce the horizontal lateral force upon the crane.

◆The limit switch or the Infrared anti-collision device prevents the electric hoist and the materials being handled from being destroyed.

◆The bypass control device prevents the hoist trolley and barriers from bumping In its travel range.

◆Bumper and speed-limiting devices ensure safe running away of several cranes on the same rail.

◆the two linked hoist trolley can handle heavier load.

◆Various of spreader can satisfy different demands of customers.

lift capacity: 100 tons
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